Safe Holidays

Distancing, cleaning, sanitisation, and staff training.

Distancing, cleaning, sanitisation, and staff training.

These 4 hygienic-sanitary standards make the King Hotel a safe establishment, even in times of COVID.

The ample indoor and outdoor space and the limited number of rooms have always ensured intimacy and freedom of movement to all guests; now, they also comply with the safe distancing required for chairs and sunbeds.

Our spacious shaded terrace is also available to all guests who would rather eat their meals outdoors.

We’ve always taken great pride in keeping our hotel in the Jesolo pinewood perfectly clean. Now, in addition to that, we’ve adopted measures to ensure an impeccable level of sanitisation.

Our sanitisation procedures include the daily cleaning of indoor spaces and sun chairs with chlorine or alcohol-based solutions so that any surface available to guests is perfectly disinfected.

In addition, we sanitise the rooms with an O-zone generator which kills over 99.98% viruses and bacteria.

When we sanitise spaces – this includes the surfaces and objects present in the area we are treating – we do so in a natural way, eliminating any odours, mites and insects.

The King Hotel staff, both in the kitchen and in the dining area, has been adequately trained to comply with safety. Staff operating in this area use PPE such as masks and gloves.

Free for guests to use: the gel dispenser to sanitise your hands more frequently.

Deep relaxation also comes through safety. But when all the sanitation measures have already been taken, all that’s left for guests to do is enjoy a truly fulfilling and restorative stay.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your holiday at the Hotel King in Jesolo awaits you!